Cosmos (game) project welcomes you !
Cosmos game project plan :

Cosmos should be first person 3D game, which is inpired by games like Elite,Frontier,Privateer. It should be about space exploration,trading, action and a few RPG things as well. I want to have complex model for each of categories : real space physics , dynamic economic and etc. If there will be storyline, it will be non-linear. I would use DirectX or OpenGL for graphics (best solution will be both of them via some internal engine). In longer-term I would like to make multiplayer. Basic supported system should be Win32. Cosmos in currently one of project and is meant to be free for all (I must read public licenses carefully to select one, so I don't know which one is the best)
Project was just started before week or two, so everything is in planning phase!
I hope it will get into work soon >:-))

Anyone who have passion in helping creation of such game may help.
Just write me to eag [ at ]

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